Of Shawls … and Things…

Of Shawls … and Things…

Well, of one shawl really.  I have finished knitting my Line Break Shawl!  Took much longer than I’d hoped for (one month vs 2-3 weeks), but when you have to redo the same section 3 times due to mistakes, you get a bit ‘meh’ with the project.  All I have to do now is dye it.  I may, however, wear it a bit before I dye it.  This yarn was wonderful to knit with, but the high bamboo content made it grow exponentially, which for this project was just fine with me.  But as it is supposed to be a sock yarn (thus machine washable.. yay!), I would have dreaded to have knit socks for myself, only to have them fit my husband who has a size 16 foot.  As a guideline the top edge was about 65” (165.1cm)  across before I blocked it, and is now measuring 87” (221cm).  Well over half a metre extra!  It really will be the perfect windbreak for the slightly cool evenings that we get between now and winter hitting.



And onto other things… the sewing of a maxi dress seems to be an unmitigated disaster!  My new pattern, the supposed “1 hour dress” is a nightmare to do a FBA on!  I think I will have to practically redraft a new bodice from scratch.  Might be less painful!  Once my son starts school, I will get to redrafting so that the next attempt is not so painful.

So yet again, there has been a pattern swap.  I’m still going to use the sleeves and skirt from the McCall pattern, but the bodice is being constructed from a Burda pattern my MIL happened to have already done a fair bit of adjusting to, and the top she made from it (also a knit fabric top), fits me quite well.  I will be altering the neckline too, as it’s way too high for the dress.  The bodice has been cut and the darts stitched.  I’m starting to get excited as it’s the furthest we’ve really gotten towards a completed dress!  I may actually have a summer dress before the end of summer!


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