Aug 272014

Sometimes nice things happen.  Such a thing happened to me.  A gift of an Ashford Knitters Loom & Stand.  I’ve been wanting to try weaving for a couple of years now, and now I’m off and flying with it!

I started small, a little scarf which I gave to the Father in Law.  Made with Tekapo Yarn.  It came up lovely.


He’s thrilled with it, so that’s always a good sign.

I quickly warped up a second scarf for the Husband.  Cleckheaton Country yarn, in 8ply, black and white.  I got a little fancier with this one, and added a second colour.

Second Scarf


This one finished up about 24cm wide, and 230cm long (plus fringe).  It suits Husband, and he loves it.  This in itself makes me happy.

I am thoroughly enjoying weaving.  I see a lot of it in my future.

Jul 182014

Well, the pattern is traced and ready to go, the fabrics are washed, and the accoutrements are all bought. Still no movement on the actual assemblage of the bag, but I have been cross stitching my little heart out.

I started the Police Box sign on some black fabric, with what I thought was “waste canvas”.  Turned out it was twisted canvas, and I could not remove it from my work without shredding the stitching.  So I had to start over with black aida fabric, which required a little recalculation and recharting of the pattern.  It has, however, come up a dream!  I have also found some proper waste canvas, which I will use for the windows on the blue fabric.  I had thought about stitching a Seal of Rassilon on the back of the bag, but then I considered just how much the bag will rub against my clothes, I have thought better of it.  Instead, I have stitched a Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver for one of the side panels of the bag (using the waste canvas on the blue fabric).

Cross Stitch

I have recently obtained the printable fabric, so now I’m on the hunt for a good, clean image of the “Pull to Open” sign on the front of the TARDIS.  A lot of the ones I can find are either the wrong typeface, have shading, or just aren’t clear.  So the search continues!

I really should get on making my “plain” test bag, so that I’ll be ready to go with this when all the embellishments are finished.

Jul 042014

Gadabout Bag c/o StudioKat Designs

For me, a useful bag has to be big enough to hold my basics, plus a little knitting, and my son’s medications.  This means that small bags are a no-go territory for me.  I also don’t always want to carry around a huge bag, either.  Unfortunately for me, in the “middle zone” there seems to be very little that suits me.  I do prefer a shoulder/cross body strap bag, but I prefer fabric, or leather, to the nylon style that most seem to be made of. I’ve been wanting a “TARDIS bag” for a while, but I’ve never been able to find one that has been a good blend of really useful and really “TARDIS-y”.  I knew that I would probably end up having to make it.  But then it became a task of finding the right pattern vs going through the task of having to draft my own. PBB SketchThankfully, my Mother-In-Law and I have a bit of a cache of handbag and purse patterns.  Amongst them, I found the perfect candidate.  The Gadabout by StudioKat Designs ticked all the boxes.  Large enough for my needs, without being huge, it’s a cross body strap, and I can customise the look of it relatively easily. I’ve traced out all my pattern pieces, and started mapping out how I want the exterior to look.  The plan is to cross stitch the Police Public Call Box sign, and the windows.  I’ve found some printable fabric at Logan’s Patchwork Fabrics, so I can print the door sign for the front pouch.  I’m also thinking about putting a Seal of Rassilon on the back, but I’ll see how I go with charting that. SealOfRassilon My fabric is already organised.  I have some lovely “galaxy” style fabric for the lining, and some light drill cotton for the exterior. I just need some webbing for the strap, and the notions to finish it off. fabrictardisbag I’ve read through the pattern instructions, and there is actually quite a bit of making in this bag.  The construction is different than other bags I’ve made in the past.  So I think, while I’m doing the embellishments for the TARDIS bag, I’ll also put together a plain version, so I can work through the pattern before I cut into my galaxy fabric. I’m quite excited at the idea of this TARDIS bag, even though it’s still a little ways off from being made.