Oct 012013

The Fourth Doctor’s scarf is an iconic item of Whovianism.  It is THE scarf, a scarf only the Doctor (or very serious Whovians) would wear, galavanting through space and time!

In Australia’s climate, even in the middle of winter, such a scarf is overkill.  It simply does not get THAT cold.  And when you only have about 4-6 weeks of what we would consider “cold” weather (I hear it is the equivalent of Autumn/Fall in some places), how often would you get to wear it?


Then I saw this.  Isn’t it divine!? It’s the perfect amount of Whovian for every day wear!  This one was made with a loom.  I don’t have a loom.  But I do l know how to do square stitch.  The beaders basic stitch.  So I gathered supplies.  My bead colours aren’t perfect matches for the original scarf, but they are the perfect colours to be indicative of the original, whilst still coordinating with a more “me” colour palette.

And off I went.  Bead, stitch, bead, stitch, bead, stitch … you get the idea.

I’m still NOWHERE near finished, but I do plan on having it done by the 50th Anniversary in November.


Sep 252013

imageOnce I had the hang of spinning on my lovely new wheel, I trawled through the fibre stash and found some Merino fibre that was given to me quite some time ago.  Lovely blues and purples, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Earlier this year, there was a bit of buzz on Ravelry with a particular new pattern.  Bigger on the Inside is a pretty shawl that is an homage to the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Whilst I love the idea of it, I really didn’t want it as a shawl.  HOWEVER, I’ve long wanted a Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) scarf.  I had toyed with the idea of knitting one at some stage, but the sheer size of the thing seemed a bit ridiculous for Sydney weather.  So I decided to take the two elements that I liked about the shawl, and decided to alter it so I could knit myself a Doctor Who inspired scarf, instead.


So I spun, and spun.  Learning the nuances of my new wheel.  I have discovered that it is too easy to overspin on it, so I’m going to have to learn to compensate in my drafting/peddling.  My yarn is a little more energised that I genearally like it, but it did come almost balanced off the wheel.

Once the yarn was done, I sat down and decided how to effectively put this piece together.  I ended up flipping the TARDIS chart on it’s head, so I could knit it from the base up on one side, and top down on the other.  After deciding on spacial framing of the TARDISes (2 each end), I decided that the “Vortex Lace” would be the majority of the scarf.  I should end up with a scarf with two blue ends, and a lot of wibbly-wobbly, time vortex purples in the middle.

While there will be no more scarf weather THIS year, I will be all set up for next winter!

Sep 222013

My Father is almost impossible to buy for when it comes to gifts.  Both of my parents are, really.  Luckily for me, they appreciate the things I make.  This year, for his birthday, I made my Dad a cowl.  It’s the second one I’ve made for him.  The first was a couple of years ago for Fathers’ Day.  After telling me that he wears it all the time through winter, I offered to make him another in a different colour.  Also so if he got one dirty, he could have  a clean one.

My parents are off to the US and Canada for 5 weeks, which co-incides with the mid to late “Fall” season.  So to make sure that his head would stay as toasty as his neck, I offered to make him a matching beanie.  I started, and finished it today.  Simple top down construction, with a LOT of 2×2 ribbing.

He loves it.


It’s nice when people appreciate the time and work that goes into handmade gifts.