Random Nerdy Things

Random Nerdy Things

There are so many awesome things out there for us nerds.  Cool merchandise, gadgets and gizmos that go beyond the latest phone or tablet, and just random things that let us show our nerdness proudly.

Bag of Holding
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek.com

My husband recently had a birthday, and thanks to a bit of searching for a new work bag for him, I found something totally suitable, and his folks decided they would get it for him.  It is the ThinkGeek’s “The Bag of Holding“.  This reference is originally from the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, but has been morphed and transformed by several other sci-fi and fantasy fiction writers and games.  The bag really is deceptively roomy and comes complete with a D20 Bag of Holding patch. I really love the bag, and was kind of eyeing it off for myself.  Oh well.


However, I did goose in on their shipping and ordered a little geek-bling for myself.  I now own a Firefly class ship!  So shiny!  Once I have an appropriate bag to hang her from, she will accompany me everywhere.  For now, she hangs from a hook near my computer.

R2DMintOther random things include my new mints! R2D2 canister with R2D2 SHAPED MINTS!!!   The canister was cool in itself, but I just love that the mints are shaped too.  I found these at a local figurine shop.  I completely squeed out loud when I walked in to see all the amazing things they had in there.  Everything from Harry Potter replica wands to Kingdom Heards figurines.  Lots of Anime things like Naruto and all the DC/Marvel heroes you could want to see.  I could lose a lot of money at a place like that if I wasn’t careful.

Now for the silly season!  Have an amazing holiday season, stay safe and be good to each other!

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