Knitted Monkey & More Hexapuffs

Knitted Monkey & More Hexapuffs

monkey After the euphoria of my Harriet the Hippo, I couldn’t wait to cast on another little critter (especially as my son has absconded my Hippo).  Say hello to the start of Jerry the Musical Monkey.  I’m knitting him in a self striping sock wool, not because I want a stripey monkey, but because I want to make some character monkeys, and by using self striping yarn, I can then measure lengths for colour changes and not waste or run short of the colours I need.  Where the pattern is written for a 10ply and will make a body about the size of your face, this little guy is squishy hand size.  I am really enjoying Rebecca Dangers patterns, and think I may need to get my hands on her book.  They really are perfectly lovely, cute and quick gifts for kids (and some grown ups I know.. hehe).

And while my puff knitting has slowed down, I have been playing with some lovely yarns that have been donated by lovely Ravelry people, and that I’ve traded for.

needlefoodNeedlefood (left)- I’m so sad I found out about this yarn way too late.  It’s so lovely and I understand why there was such a rush on it.

madtoshliteMadelinetosh Merino Lite (right) – Such pretty colours and an interesting texture, being a single it does tend to track when knitted.  I really like it and would love to see it knitted into something larger.

wollmeiseWollmeise Twin (left) – I was a little scared to use this yarn, as I didn’t want to fall in love with a yarn that I couldn’t afford to feed my addiction.  While the colour is lovely, I know other dyers who get just as rich a colour.  And I have to say I am not mad about the base.  It’s lovely yarn, just not the awesome I was expecting.

claudiasClaudia’s HandPainted Fingering Yarn (right) – I absolutely LOVE this yarn!  The colours are beautiful, and the yarn is so soft and squishy!


I am thrilled that I have bested my “one puff per day”, considering just how many I’ll need to make a quilt for the bed.  I am at 57 whole ones, and 5 half-edge puffs.  I definitely need more paler yarns, like the Jonquil and maybe some butter yellow/cream colours, otherwise it’s going to be a very dark quilt.


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