Hexagons in Knitting… It continues.

Hexagons in Knitting… It continues.


Apart from knitting hexapuffs, it seems that I’m drawn to different types of hexagon projects at the moment.

Nuvem is a wrap/shawl/scarf thing.  It’s an extended hexagon and knit with about 1500m of laceweight yarn.  Being released for the Northern Hemisphere winter, the designer chose the Wollmeise Lace-Garn, which would make for a very warm and cozy hexa-shawl.  If I want to get any wear out of this THIS year I thought I might crack out some silk noil I have to see if I can make it behave.

What makes this particular wrap appealing is that there is NO PURLING.  It’s knit in the round from the centre out.  Rather clever!

I’m not sure about the ruffle, but there’s a while before I have to worry about what I do about that.


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