Harriet the Hippo, The Story of a Mad Dash for a Knitting Magazine

Harriet the Hippo, The Story of a Mad Dash for a Knitting Magazine


Yesterday I was chatting to my friend Lisa, and we were cooing over her Monkey project and I started browsing some of  Rebecca Danger’s  other creations.  I found Harriet the Haberdashery Hippo and fell in love!  But there was a HUGE dilemma!  This pattern was designed for, and released through the US Knitting Mag “Knit Simple”.  The other dilemma was that it was the CURRENT issue!  Finding US knitting magazines is a bit hit and miss if you’re not a subscriber (and sometimes even then).  So I started looking up all the newsagents in a 10km radius of us to see if I could find it.

About 10 minutes later I’d found and headed out to secure a copy.  I was SO excited, especially when I found there were TWO other monsters in the magazine!  Lots of knitted toy fun!

But back to Harriet.  I cast her on straight away from some Morris Empire 4 ply that I had in stash.


She was so fun to knit!  Only took me 2 days, but if you needed an emergency toy for a present, you could totally knit it in one day.  The pattern calls for 10ply/aran weight which would make her significantly larger.

My son has adopted this particular Hippo… so I may have to knit myself one… in a colour he won’t want to nab!

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