Invasion of the Owl (Bag)

Invasion of the Owl (Bag)

Along with the desire to knit a gazillion hexapuffs, there was the pull to create a project bag to match.

As “Tiny Owl Knits” is the designer, I thought I’d make an Owl bag, rather than fiddling with finding a new way to present a hexagon bag.

This is my first prototype.


I know that seams are off centre and it’s a bit  rough, but it was rushed together from mental concept to finished product in just over 3 hours, so it’s not bad.  I now have a list of things to tweak and change, which I will do with the next one.


The base is a hexagon, I didn’t completely stay away from the hex.. LOL.

Inside there is enough room for a 100g cake of yarn, some completed puffs, a pocket for notions and a pouch for polyfil.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the concept and once I iron out a few pattern and assembly issues, I may make a few of these up, and possibly even give one away!

7 thoughts on “Invasion of the Owl (Bag)

  1. i think it looks great! Perfect for this project!
    Does it have a handle? If not, that would be my only suggestion, so you could hang it over your wrist while knitting, if necessary!

    1. Thank you!

      I had planned on putting a strap on it, but figured I was just trying to get the basic shape/construction sorted out. The next one will be ‘fully featured’.


    1. Me too.. I want a dozen of them just for myself! But I’m also thinking they could make a cute little girls handbag if I added a longer strap to it.

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