9 thoughts on “Puff By Popular Demand

  1. I think I need a hand hold for owl chart. My questions are:
    1. Is k1/p1 just do k1 in p stitch a d p1 in knit space?
    2. C4b and c4 f, I do not understand these at all. Sorry but I have not done much of this kind of knitting and I want to make this puff
    3. Where do you recommend bead placement for eyes. There is no indication on chart for this

    Thank you so much. Do you think you could include this chart and your ruffle puff instructions on your Ravelry page to be downloaded? I don’t want to lose them. Thanks again

    1. 1. I’m not quite sure what you mean.
      2. C4B and C4F are cable terms. Cable 4 to the back / front.
      3. I say put the eyes where they look good. As I wasn’t planning on putting them on mine, I didn’t really bother trying to figure it out.

      I’ll work on making them PDF’s for download soon.

  2. Hi,
    I am new to hexipuff knitting. I have been trying to make your owl hexipuff but I think Im doing it wrong. Is the chart only for the front of the puff, so when I get to the “back needle” I just knit it plain? So that each row on the chart represents one row on the front of the puff? I hope Im explaining my question properly? Ie Knit row from chart, turn work and knit plain back to the beginning of the round. Then knit second row from chart, turn work and knit plain back to the beginning of the round, and so on… ?Is this right or is there another way to make puff that Im not seeing?

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