The Proof

The Proof

Well I got my hair cut, but no colour. I’m just not decided enough to actually do it. My hairdresser advises blonde too, so that’s another choice to the mix.
hairandcitronhairbackSo here is the cut.  I went for the shorter “Baby” length, but with slightly longer layers on top, at the sides and a smidge extra for the front of my “fringe”.  It’s just long enough to go over my rollers at the base.

This particular hairstyle was (what I call) a soft set.  This is when I blowdry my hair around a small round brush, and then set in dry pincurls.  As I have quite curly hair, to acheive this amount of curl, a soft set is really effective.  I generally only pull out a wet set when I’m going out dancing, or need more definitive waves.

The other thing in the photo is my recently finished Citron Shawl.  I love wearing it!  It’s a perfect layer when you don’t need something as heavy as a cardigan.

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  1. Gorgeous! I’m jealous of your neat, controlled curls. Mine go all over the place and I’m just happy if they’re not taking over the world.

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