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This Is Vintage Now – Now Available!

This Is Vintage Now – Now Available!

Last November, I was given access to a great concept, and some fabulous music.  David Gasten was trying to get the word of this amazing compilation, This Is Vintage Now, to the masses through interviews and writeups on blogs.  Hoping that someone amazing would come along and help it get published, and thus be available to EVERYONE!

Well I have GREAT news!!!!


Contact: David Gasten
Director, Swing City Productions 
(001) 303-377-4467


July 9, 2011 – Thanks to Turner Classic Movies and television shows like Mad Men,we are constantly reminded that there was a time when culture—and real life—were simpler, classier, and happier.  It was a time when everyday people treated each other with respect. When men kept their word with a simple handshake.  And when women were so glamorous and ladylike, men would practically line up to open doors for them. That alternate universe now has a name—VINTAGE. And VINTAGE MUSIC is its official soundtrack.
Released to digital media on June 21, THIS IS VINTAGE NOW is a brand new Vintage Music compilation that introduces Vintage Music as a thriving, forward-moving musical movement. The musicians on This is Vintage Now tap into the spirit of the original Vintage period, bringing its “anything can happen” excitement forward to today’s listeners. The compilation features saxophone legend Big Jay McNeely, celebrated Dutch singerCaro Emerald, and premiere Exotica group The Waitiki 7, as well as up-and-coming artists like heavy jump blues act David Gasten & the City Kids and Australian femme fatale Ilana Charnelle. It also includes two original performers from the 1950’s, Beverly Kenney and Carole Creveling, who offer new ways to discover original Vintage Music.
To add to the magic, This is Vintage Now has a companion resource website, This site is like a doorway into a whole new world, with rare information about the This is Vintage Now artists, an Our Heroes section containing otherwise unavailable information on Vintage music legends like Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, and Bill Haley, and a Vintage Links page that samples what is happening currently in Vintage Music and Lifestyle.  The pages are heavily illustrated with music clips featured throughout.
This is Vintage Now is available on MP3 from iTunes and Amazon MP3, as well as directly from Follow This is Vintage Now on Twitter at @vintagemusicnow for news from the artists and links to more Vintage music.

NB: I have not been paid for either of my posts about this music compilation.  It is simply a project that I believe in and would like to see others get enjoyment from it.