Planning A Vintage Inspired Wardrobe – Part 2

Planning A Vintage Inspired Wardrobe – Part 2

Working It In

Just because you’re creating a new look (or revamping an old one) for yourself, there’s no need to toss everything you currently own.  You may have a piece or two that you just love and can’t part with, or that are designer and you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted the money.  Is there already a colour theme in your wardrobe?  Or is one of the reasons you want to revamp because there is no unity?

My current wardrobe has no unity, or colour theme.  I have pieces that I won’t want to lose, so I will want to create a wardrobe that will allow me to incorporate some of what I already have.

And don’t forget your accessories!  Beloved shoes, or handbag?  A scarf that has wonderful memories attached?  Don’t feel like you have to abandon ANYTHING that you love because you want to revamp/do up your wardrobe.  Even if the pieces are anachronistic, there are ways to work things in that makes them playful, or purposefully ironic.

Working the vintage wardrobe isn’t always about being 100% authentic.  Fashion and subculture movements like Steampunk and Dieselpunk show us that we can take elements from the fashion of the day, twist it a little and make it rock.  The important thing is that you enjoy what you’re wearing.

Best thing to do is really look at your current wardrobe, and select the things that you already own that you want to incorporate into your ‘new look’.  Hang them together and take a photo of them to see what you have, and see if there are any commonalities between them.  Colour.  Shape. Potential for alteration to suit.


Looking at my own wardrobe I have 4 or 5 dresses, half a dozen tops/blouses, 2 skirts, a coat and a waistcoat.  Most of which require some kind of alteration to either fit properly, or be appropriate, a couple of which don’t currently fit but will work into the wardrobe at a future time but most of which will be phased out of the wardrobe as I start shedding some weight.  There’s no great colour theme, and if not for the fact my skirts are black, there’s very little coordination going on.  And while black is a great equaliser, I really don’t want to have my wardrobe full of it.

100_6347_0As far as accessories go, most of my shoes are black, with a couple of specials as seen here.  And while I have one great vintage handbag, I do enjoy making my own, and while they may not be vintage or even vintage inspired, I do love them all the same and will make them work.  I have one Trilby hat that works in winter, and I have plans for some cute hats for summer later this year.

100_6345_0So now with the assessment out of the way, now comes the what to add first?

100_6344_0I seem to have quite a few tops/blouses, so what I need are pants and skirts, but a couple of new blouses would be nice too, but I don’t want to make any jackets or dresses just yet.

Next week:- Patterns & Planning

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