New Hair & Nerves

New Hair & Nerves

The countdown is on for the new hair cut & colour.  And to be quite honest with you, I’m a little nervous.  Not about the cut, because I’ve had it done before and it’s what I need right now as we’re coming out of the cold weather.

But about the colour, I’m second guessing myself.  I’ve been red before, sure.. but I’ve also been most other natural colours between jet black and platinum blonde too.  It’s more about heading forward with my vintage look, making sure clothes I buy/make don’t clash with my hair, not to mention the hand knits I already have.  So now I’m thinking if I should keep it brown, but more of a drewbarrymorecaramel colour, so it’s still warm.emmawatson

These pictures I found of Emma Watson and Drew Barrymore are roughly the tone I was thinking about.  Warm, summery but completely neutral so won’t clash with anything I already own.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “New Hair & Nerves

  1. I do love the idea of you with beautiful red hair but it can be a little hard to co-ordinate sometimes (I was bright red for a long time). If you’re worried I would perhaps go the Drew Barrymore color and see how you like it, you can always go redder later if you don’t like it ^_^

  2. either of those colours would have looked great with your autumn coloured citron yesterday. i think lighter is a good way to deal with the emerging ‘silver’ as well. the drew colour is lovely, a little bit darker. classic but contemporary. do eeeeet!

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