Pop Goes the Zipper!

Pop Goes the Zipper!

Over the long weekend, my trusty jeans finally died.  And I’m not sad that they did.  They’ve served me well for more than 2 years (Target jeans, not expensive ones .. my size 14 Levi’s are still in perfect nick), and I was thinking of ditching them anyway.  They just got in first.

So my MIL and I are going to whip me up a pair of replacements.  They won’t be ‘jeans’ but will be pants made of denim.  They’ll bridge the gap of being casual, but not ‘in jeans’, as such.  I already have the material and pattern, so it is just a matter of fitting and whipping up.

Thank you to Super Kawaii Mama for the inspiration for this project!

This is step one!

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