What Being “Vintage Grrl” Means To Me.

What Being “Vintage Grrl” Means To Me.

I’ve been into the retro and vintage thing for quite some time now.  It started out as a love for the movies, and the style they portrayed.  Then followed the discovery of Jazz and Swing/Big Band music, which flowed into dancing and fashion/beauty choices.

All of this was much easier when I was living at home and single, for some reason.  These days, with a husband, son and household to take care of, I don’t spend the time/energy on things like my hair and wardrobe, or dancing, or listening to music like I used to.

That is what this blog was going to help me with.  Rediscovering things I loved, manifesting my vintage desires and just incorporating it all into my daily life.

Things pop up, get in the way, throw you a curve ball…. things like illness, sleep deprivation, unexpected repair bills and my constant battle with depression and anxiety.

I have let it all get in the way of my goal.  I started exercising, and then stopped just when I was really getting into it.  I need to start again.  I stopped ‘doing’ my hair because no one but me saw it.  I haven’t made myself a single piece of clothing because I worry about looking like mutton dressed as lamb.  I have found out recently though that I am not the only fuller figure Vintage Gal out there.

So to hell with it!  It all gets in gear! Being a Vintage Grrl means that I will do what it is that I need to do to feel that Vintage Zing that I love!

Bring it!

3 thoughts on “What Being “Vintage Grrl” Means To Me.

  1. Fabulous Miss Tia! You are an inspiration, I’m going to pull out my sewing machine and do some wardrobe makeovers too. Of course the vintage that I love is not always practical in this century 😉

    1. Thank you Miss Sharre! Your style of vintage is also not always practical in our climate.. hehe.. but you’ll sort it out.. I know you will 😉

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