Möbius. There’s Really No Other Way to Say It.

Möbius. There’s Really No Other Way to Say It.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of a special workshop with Jude Skeers.  Möbius was the topic of the day, and not just how to knit one, but how to knit one that is sculptural and fitted.

Knitting a straight out Möbius is easy enough, even with learning Cat Bordhi’s VERY cool special cast on.  Jude adds an element of structure and form, with strategic increases & decreases so that the loop hugs you and drapes over your form.

He has mastered adding in lace, colour and texture to these Möbius masterpieces.  I am hoping to be able to work out some of the lace techniques for these, and as beautiful as they are plain, lace (as always) just adds that extra dimension of “Ooooh!”.

I can see me making a few of these, in different sizes, as they are just SO versatile!

One thought on “Möbius. There’s Really No Other Way to Say It.

  1. It was a great day and I too am thinking all sorts of yarns to get started on… I’m seriously thinking Noro at the moment, I’m sure I could dig out a few skeins ;D

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