From Russia, with Love

From Russia, with Love

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front.  I have been a very busy girl.

Now to catch up with my blogging!

At the start of April, the Knitters Guild held an Orenburg Style Lace Knitting workshop with Galina Khmeleva.  Leading up to this event I had been helping arrange the venue and catering, and then during making sure it was all set up and everyone was happy etc (the Husband was a huge help with getting things ready).  I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it all.

Thursday was a history of Orenburg Lace knitting,  and some basics which Galina recommended if you wanted to knit Orenburg Style lace.


Saturday and Sunday was a very intense techique, elements and how to of planning your own Orenburg Style design.

Galina, herself, is a vibrant and enthusiastic instructor.  She REALLY knows her stuff.  I was gobsmacked at the history portions of the workshops.  Whilst verything she taught us had a good and logical reason behind it, the important mantra of the lesson was “Just do it”.


Through it all, however, I think my three favourite things were:-

1. New bind off.  It’s super stretchy and leaves a lovely edge.

2. No sew grafting!  Super easy way to seam and add borders without sewing!

3. GARTER STITCH! Whilst I have no problems with purling, there is something about a no purl shawl that appeals greatly.


I’m currently working through all the notes to create myself a workbook.  So when I’m ready to embark on my own Orenburg style lace project, I have it all there at hand.

Here’s a little example of what we were working with.

Miss Fee also wrote a great post on the weekend too.

3 thoughts on “From Russia, with Love

  1. Hey Tia,
    I remembered you wanted a vintage hair dryer? The Bower in Marrickville (at Reverse Garbage on Addison Rd) has an awesome funky yellow one with a clear hood. I didnt see how much though – if you call and ask for ‘Teddy’ and say Bex sent you, he might give you a discount…


  2. Hi VintageGrrl! I love your blog, and I found you looking for fedora hat patterns. I see from an old post that you began sewing a fedora pattern by Nicole M. I am also interested in that pattern and wondered if you finished the hat. And if so, how did it work for you?

    I’m sorry to clog up your comments with this non-related question, but I could not find another way to ask you about your hat! I hope you won’t mind my interest…thank you.

    Barbara B. in Montana, USA

    1. I haven’t finished it yet, it’s kind of been pushed to the back of my project pile. Nothing to do with the hat, or pattern, I’ve just gotten very busy. It’s a well written pattern, and very easy to follow.. I do recommend it.

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