Another Unplanned Hiatus

Another Unplanned Hiatus

It seems that it’s been over a month since my last post. I have a few drafts written, but I couldn’t make myself post them. They just haven’t been sounding right.

I have definitely lost my focus and writing rhythm. I mean to rectify this immediately. I am going to set myself a writing and posting schedule. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been saying “oh I’ll blog about this later” a lot. I’m hoping a schedule will help me think and act more about writing now.

For example, in the last month I have competed in a spinning challenge at the Hawkesbury Show, which I ended up winning! So I have a pretty blue ribbon to show off. I have also been hard at practice for the upcoming Back to Back challenge which is going to take place this Sunday. I have been to a rather exciting Panasonic product launch and I have also received my first ever commissioned knit order. For a little tam type hat. I am almost halfway through it.

So whilst there hasn’t been much in the way of constant excitement or big news, these are still very much blog worthy events.

I will do better! I have things coming up that I really want to share, and I just need to make sure that the sharing is happening without too much of a time lapse.

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