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New Years Fun

New Years Fun

Since having our son, we tend not to do a big New Years Eve celebration.  We find a vantage point in the neighbourhood and see the fireworks the best we can at 9pm, then go home and let the boy fall asleep watching a movie or something… this year it was Mythbusters.

New Years Day is also quiet for us, but we’ll spend it doing something together, and this year we went flying kites.

Flying Kites

Well, the boys flew kites…


I knitted on my Line Break Shawl.


We were lucky to get a public holiday on the Monday after New Years Day this year, and we had a nice sleep in, but decided the afternoon needed to be spent out of the house.  So we trudged along to the Powerhouse Museum.  We knew the Harry Potter exhibit was on, so we were prepared for some extra traffic, but we weren’t prepared for 1/3 of the museum to be taken up by it, and about 1/4 of what was left was under construction.  Then there were the ginormous queues for the exhibit!  Not just outside, either…


We did head in to the exhibit shop, however.  In search of a button, pin or patch to put on my new bag.  NOT A ONE! No “flash” of any description!  There were tees, cloaks, ties, scarves, beanies, stickers, broomsticks, jelly beans, chocolate frogs, Hedwig keychains and bookmarks galore… Rather disappointed.

Also at the museum, is the Love Lace exhibit.  I was very excited about being able to go and see it.  I have to say that overall, I was expecting something else.  Some of the pieces there had me amazed, like this metal chain piece.  I think the definition of the term “lace” was greatly stretched.  The one yarny knitted piece was stunning, but I couldn’t take a photo of it.  Not because I wasn’t allowed to, but the lighting made it too hard with the way it was displayed (too many shadows – you really had to look really closely to see the lace).


I had to take a photo of this cab.. mainly because now I can look at it and fantasise about riding in one. It’s so cool.


At the end of the day, we decided it was time to upgrade our son bag from a backpack.

He had been admiring my husband’s Bag of Holding, and my new bag (both messenger bags), and he decided he wanted a “Bag of Lightning”.  So we were off in search of said bag. But it seemed where our luck had failed on the Harry Potter bling, it was redeemed with finding a cool messenger bag for our boy. It’s about 1/3 the size of mine and polyester instead of canvas.  But it fits his medications, a sandwich and a couple of his smaller toys.  Where he used to palm off his backpack once he got sick of wearing it (or it made his back too hot), he just adores his messenger bag, and thinks it’s fun that he is old enough to have a bag just like his parents.  Now we just need to find a lightning bolt patch or badge for it.

So far, January has been fun, and I look forward to the rest of 2012 being just as wonderful!

When Knitting Mojo Dies…

When Knitting Mojo Dies…

At least once in a Knitter’s life, the desire to continue with or start a new project just disappears.  There is NOTHING on or around my needles at the moment that I am inspired to pick up and knit.  But I really dislike having nothing to do with my hands, so I turned to some crochet.

I have two skeins of Malabrigo lace that I’ve been searching for a good pattern… no .. the perfect pattern for.  The Malabrigo is so smooshy soft and the colourway (Paris Nights) is just gorgeous, it needed something to really compliment it.  I’d tried starting a couple of knitted shawls with it, but it just wasn’t right.

So I, rather out of character, started looking at some crochet patterns.  I only crochet occasionally, so I don’t often go looking for patterns.  I found it amazing how many patterns I just really did NOT like, or that would just suit the yarn.  I wanted something simple, but effective.  something that was lacy and would work up fairly quickly.


Thankfully I found exactly what I was looking for!

The Thistle Stitch Scarf ticked all the boxes.  Easy stitch construction, customiseable width, and nice and airy.
I wasted no time in starting up.  I managed to get half the length I wanted in just a few days.  I’m now over 2/3 through, picking it up in those moments when a little crochet is what I need.

The plan is to finish and block the scarf, then pick up through the middle, and stitch up a generous hood.  It will be light enough to wear in all but the hottest months of the year, but still cosy enough that it will be appropriate during the harshest part of Sydney’s winter.

This Swatching Thing is Slow Going.

This Swatching Thing is Slow Going.


All things going smoothly, a swatch usually doesn’t take that long to do …

But when things start going awry, you end up taking about 4 times as long.

I am 20 rows from finishing the scallop part of the swatch, and the pattern is easy, the yarn is lovely, and the beading isn’t difficult.  But it does help to NOT lose your teeny tiny crochet hook that you’re using to put the beads on with, or spill size 11/0 beads over your carpeted floor.

I was hoping to have this section of the swatch finished yesterday, but for the most part of it I was on hands and knees picking up itsy beads, and then searching for the crochet hook.

I only have 20 rows left in this section, so fingers crossed I can get that done tonight!