Where Did the Fairies Go? (aka Finding Motivation)

Where Did the Fairies Go? (aka Finding Motivation)

It seems that my domestic and inspirational fairies have hit the highway recently. No mojo or motivation for the last two weeks!

This, unfortunately, can be explained by a huge round of throat and chest infections that swept our household. Thankfully, while it hit me hard, it didn’t hit me for long. The Boy managed to get by it fairly unscathed, The Husband was hit hardest and seemed to require elephant strength anti-biotics to get rid of it.

So busting through the general case of the drearies that follow illness is proving to be a little challenging.

Nothing I was in the middle of knitting was terribly appealing. I pulled the spinning wheel out to try and get through the remaining 200g of fibre for a laceweight spin but didn’t get awfully far with that. Teaming that with a little insomnia and then a twisted back (apparantly lifting a 20kg boy requires warming up and stretching now), and you start to get a feel of how my fortnight has been.


I pulled an old project out of the drawer. I started this a year ago, and all of a sudden I have the huge desire to see it finished. It’s a beautiful cabled scarf knit in alpaca, DK equivalent. I can’t tell you much more than that, because it’s the design of a friend, and it hasn’t been published yet. Strictly speaking, this is a test knit, and it goes to show just HOW BAD a test knitter I am! I really shouldn’t put my hand up for test knitting, as my knitting time is so limited these days. But once it’s done, and I’m given the ok, I will put up a picture.

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