Pick a Post .. Any Post! Nuffnang Blogger Christmas Challenge

Pick a Post .. Any Post! Nuffnang Blogger Christmas Challenge

How do you choose ONE favourite post from a year of blogging?  What makes a post on your blog really means so much to you that you’d call it a favourite?ohlookbw web

whichonebw webWell this is what was asked of us to enter this years Blogger Christmas Challenge for Nuffnang.  Choose your favourite post from 2010, and blog about why it’s your favourite.  Easy… right?

There is a pretty good prize up for grabs, so I thought it was definitely worth trawling through my year of posting and entering .  I wouldn’t mind doing all my blogging from an iPad.. really… I wouldn’t!

It hasn’t been easy choosing just one, as I have so many different types of posts.  I had to wade through ‘things I’ve been up to’, product reviews, craft updates, makeup/hair posts and a whole bunch of ones that sit in between.

trawlingbw web

But sit down I did, and read my own blog.  One post at a time, through 2010.  Did I enjoy the writing?  How did the post make me feel? Was I particularly proud of the post? Why? Did I think it was good enough to be “the best” of 2010?  How on earth was I going to choose one? It certainly wasn’t a fast process, but the possibility of comfortable blogging on the go REALLY appeals!

In the end it came down to a choice of “two”.  The only problem is, one was a 5 post series.  So I decided that my other option was the better choice.

iknowbw web

My Unusually Vintage Filled Weekend

Sharon & I in front of Dita's PosterThis post was just as fun to write as it was to live through.  The process of sitting down and recalling the highlights was like reliving the weekend all over again! (of course, if I had an iPad, I could have captured some more of the ‘in the moment’ feeling….*nudge*)  The entire weekend was full of fun, friends and frivolity that even now when I think about it I have a skmandvgsmile spread over my face. I was able to spend some time with a girlfriend that I hadn’t seen for a little while, see Dita von Teese (American modern Burlesque megastar), I got to have a lovely breakfast meet up with SuperKawaiiMama, and go to a great Vintage markets and get a makeover all in one weekend!  Certainly a weekend that I enjoy remembering, and I hope my readers enjoyed reading about it.

3 thoughts on “Pick a Post .. Any Post! Nuffnang Blogger Christmas Challenge

    1. Why thank you! I wanted to have a little fun with this post.

      I had thought about the review, and almost chose it, but figured it might be better to enter with a post that was more a ‘my lifestyle’ post. But I did have fun writing the review.

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