Whole Lot of Other Stuff Goin’ On.

Whole Lot of Other Stuff Goin’ On.

Unfortunately it’s the time of year where I get really busy all of the time, and none of it is really destined for the blog.

The Boy starts Pre-School next year, and with his allergies etc, there’s a lot of paperwork and medical certificates etc that need to be organised.

Also as it’s getting hotter, it’s more uncomfortable for him, so we’re inside a lot, which makes for a boy that needs constant entertaining.

Then there’s the Christmas preperations, which can be broken down into fun stuff, and not fun stuff.  The not fun stuff is of course the cleaning and moving things so we have somewhere to put the tree, and the fun stuff is the making of the gifts, which will eventually end up on the blog, but not before Christmas.

So I’ll check in when I can, and hope to have a few more ‘fun’ posts between now and Christmas.

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