Wrestling With My WIP’s

Wrestling With My WIP’s

A lot of crafters would probably admit to having multiple works in progress, or WIP’s.  Well, at least those of us who just cannot seem to be project monogomous.

Today I tried to collect my various WIP’s and put them in one box.  Here is the list of what I found.

WIP BoxThat racks up to eight projects that I’d like to get done (and this is not counting the 3 spins I have on the go), and I’d like to say that I’ll finish them all before I start anymore… but who am I kidding?  I have at least 2 more shawls that I want to knit, and another pair of socks, and possibly some house slippers, plus a few sewing projects I want to get underway.

Derek BagSo with my somewhat limited crafting time at the moment, organisation is required.  So now that they’re all in one box I will be able to pick them up at pleasure and work a little while watching TV, or having a cup of tea.  Most of them are small enough to be portable, but I can’t take the beading or the lace ont he go, as they require too much concentration.  What I really need is some more project bags to help make them easier to pack into my handbag, but then that’s another project isn’t it… Haha.. I don’t seem to be able to get away from starting new projects, do I?

Now I have a list, and have confessed it to you all, I’m hoping it will help me stay a little on track with getting my projects finished so I can start on new ones guilt free.

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