Pouches for Needles and Things

Pouches for Needles and Things

Earlier this month I gathered materials to make myself a little sewing basket for some handstitching fun.  Unlike some of my other sewing projects, this one got finished pretty quickly.


Once I got into it, I really wanted to get it finished and use it.  The basket itself was a little fiddly, but well worth it!  I added Fast2Fuse in the very base for stability, and used handbag batting in both the outside and lining to give it some stand.  basketclosedI also only used 2 colours, where the pattern calls for 4.  2 Fat Quarters of each colour is all you need for this and a plethora of accessories.  I was originally going to handsew this too, but I really just wanted it finished.  I did handstitch the channel for the cord, however.

The cord is simply variegated cotton DK weight yarn made into a twisted cord.  It was my first time making cord and I totally loved doing it!  To the point where I want to make a bunch of cord and then find things to use it for.  It was so much fun.

After the pouch I decided I needed things like pincushions, needlebooks etc to match (of course).  I picked up a little retractable tape measure from Spotlight for about $3 recently, but it was bright pink and didn’t match.  I found a great tutorial for covering them, it was lots of fun, and as you can see, I got to make a ‘tea set’ (as each of the embellished  items have a piece of tea ware on them.. hehe.. I’m such a nerd).  For the ‘big pin’ pin cushion I used a heartshaped YoYo maker and stuffed it with fibre (wool), then sewed a base onto it to close it all up.  The needlebook was really easy, simply 2 rectangles of Fast2Fuse covered with fabric and felt, stitched, faggot stitched together and then a pretty baby heart YoYo upside down on the front.  The other pin cushion holds teeny tiny pins and goes over your thumb!  Perfect for fiddly bits or just keeping your pins REALLY close.

tapemeasure teaset
kit thumbcushion

During my last visit to the Crowle Foundation’s Fabric Cave, I happened upon some more than awesome scissors. Unlike other fold up scissors that tend to feel a little flimsy, these are very solid and very sharp. For now they stay in their box, but I think they deserve their own little pouch.

So that’s my little handsewing kit.  I love it!  I love the way when opened up it makes a little bowl around the basket, with it’s little pockets and all over prettieness…. I think I may make another (or two).


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