Box of Vintage Goodies

Box of Vintage Goodies

Way back in July, Stephanie at Tart Deco had a giveaway.  And I won!  Unfortunately, once it arrived, I was only able to unpack it long enough to squeal over it a bit before I had to pack it away again so I could reorganise some of my vintage stuff.  I found it (because, y’know, you always put good stuff away so well you forget where you’ve put it … err… yeah) last week so decided to seize the opportunity to take a photo of it all.


  • Pretty vintage dress/jacket pattern, along with instructions on how to resize it.
  • Vintage cook book/pamphlet
  • Vintage seamless nylon stockings
  • Vintage habedashery/trims
  • Vintage keyring compact mirror
  • Vintage earrings and pendant
  • Vintage edged hanky
  • Vintage chicken scratch apron (I’m forever amazed at how the embellishment holds the whole thing together!)
  • Handmade hair accessory made by Stephanie.

Thank you again, Stephanie, I love everything. I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long to get a photo up on my blog!

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