Markets, Rock’n’Roll & Alternative Style

Markets, Rock’n’Roll & Alternative Style

Today was the first Rock’n’Roll & Alternative Markets over at the Jet Sports Club in Tempe.  There was music, a jumping castle for the kiddies and LOTS of things to buy!

I was too busy, unfortunately, looking at all the gorgeous things that I really wanted to bring home to take photos.  There was everything from Vintage wear, hair stylists and vinyl records to Gothabilly jewellery and gorgeous handmade corsets, and the Western Sydney Rollers represented too (Go Roller Derby!).

I came away with a small vintage brooch and a cute and quirky haircomb made by one of the Derby girls.  I could easily have spent a LOT of money (I still have my eye on a custom waist cincher),  and a lot more time looking more deeply into each of the stalls.  But I only had a limited amount of time due to other engagements.


From all accounts they will be on again, and you can bet I’ll be back there when they are!

(hint for next time, either get there early to park, or be prepared to walk a few blocks)

One thought on “Markets, Rock’n’Roll & Alternative Style

  1. I think I have a little sun burn… but it was a great day! I will definitely be going there again, just keep me away from the corset stall.

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