Preparing for a Year of Shows!

Preparing for a Year of Shows!

I’ve decided that in 2011 I’m going to ‘do the rounds’ when it comes to entering stuff into shows.  Mainly spinning and handspun knits, as that’s what I’d like to concentrate on this coming year.

Now I need to compile the schedules from a few different shows to see what the commonalities are.  I want all of my yarn & garments to be useable by me, so there’ll be no novelty or Mohair yarns.

Also keep in mind, that stuff that is going into shows can’t be used or worn before being shown.  So anything I make won’t be able to be worn/used until after Dec 2011, or until I decide to stop showing them.

I can of course start showing things as they are finished, because most shows allow between 12-18 months of prior completion.

Lots to ponder.

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