Taking Another Step.

Taking Another Step.

The pants aren’t finished. They’re not far off, but life likes to get in the way.  My poor 3yo has had a mild chest infection, so all efforts have been made to try to keep him still(ish), and quiet(ish).  So I’ve been in “cuddling/nursing” gear all week.  Not glamourous at ALL, and in fact, I’ve delved into the comfy track pants/T-shirts for the week.  Not stylish, OR fun, but easiest for cuddling a sick little boy.

So, what are my next lot of plans for ‘fixing’ my ‘lack of glam’ problem.  Well, once the pants pattern is sorted, I will probably work on a button down shirt and skirt patterns next.  This will give me more or less a ‘uniform’ that I can throw on every day with very little thinking involved.  I don’t mind uniforms really.  Especially if they’re the kind I can leave the house in and still look put together.

And I’d like to find a pair of 1″ heel black shoes.  Wedges or courts will work.

Well.. I’m off to write a shopping list!

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