Because I Can

Because I Can

In my last post I spoke about how I am starting do DO things with my hair and nails.  The hair has pretty much only had the colour done, and I might get it shaped again before winter sets in, just to make it easier to set.  But my nails have been getting a workout.

First was some lovely denim blue polish and a few musical decals, then the dark purple polish and a lot of filigree style decals.  I love the decals!  But I have found that they really need a good top coat over them to protect them.  I don’t have a really good top coat yet, so they only lasted a couple of days.  I didn’t mind so much, as I finished them too close to going to bed, so I got sheet crinkle nails in the end.

My latest nail’do, is a cute polka dot’n’bow number.  Done all with polishes, no decals or bumpy bits in sight, because until I get a good topcoat, there’s no point.  The original tutorial for this style uses a rhinestone in the centre of the bow, which really defines it.  I will definitely be checking out the nail art supplies on Ebay, there are so many COOL things available.  But I’ll also be trialling some paint only techniques.  Let’s face it.  With a 3 year old who likes to be an arm monkey, chunky bits on my nails just aren’t practical for me.  I also like having nice looking nails, but don’t want to be overly precious about them.

Basically I need to get me some more colours, some nice brushes and some sparkly bits for special occasions 😀 I also need to get better with painting with my left hand.  I can see me having a LOT of fun with keeping my nails pretty.  Let’s face it, the pretty nail polish is the only thing stopping me from chomping on them as I’m distracted.

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