Hair & Nails

Hair & Nails

I turned 34 this week.  So I thought I’d do 2 things to celebrate.

Dye my hair “reddish”, and do something different with my nails.

[singlepic id=7 w=160 mode=watermark float=left]So I did.

I’m very happy with how the dye came out, I think I’d like a little more red the further into winter we go, however.  I enjoy having red hair, it seems to be my ‘go to’ colour when I don’t know what to do with my hair.  It’s also pretty easy to maintain.  And yes, those curls are natural. I think my naturally curly hair is advantageous as I don’t really have to do much to my hair (just a little John Frieda Curl Booster), to have it behave and look pretty. Setting my hair of a night, does make my hair nice and voluminous, but doesn’t [singlepic id=6 w=160 mode=watermark float=right]really add to the curl at all.

I have been growing my nails after a long stint of biting them constantly. So I thought it was time I had a little fun with them. The nailpolish is “b” by Bloom in the New York colour, which is a deep purple.  It was a birthday gift from my friend Issy.  The decals I bought at a Petit Ange stall.  I went over the top with this set, but I don’t care, it is fun! I probably wouldn’t have this much bling on my nails ALL the time, but every once in a while … sure! I will certainly buy more decals, though.

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