Pattern Review: To Market, To Market Apron

Pattern Review: To Market, To Market Apron

I’m on a bit of an apron spree at the moment.  I have material to use, and it may not be suitable for a bag or clothing, so an apron is perfect!

I picked up this pattern at a closeout sale of a local quilting store at a bargain price so thought I’d give it a whirl.

It’s $9 US at full price (plus shipping), which doesn’t make it a cheap pattern to start off with.

The cutting instructions are pretty good, and actual paper pattern is minimal, which is fantastic, but a rotary cutter, mat and ruler are essential.  The instructions for construction are definitely written for quilters, however, and not garment makers.  There were some parts of the instructions that I had to re-read a few times to understand what needed to happen.100_5971

Things that I liked about this pattern:-

  • Simple construction for the most part
  • Lined
  • Adjustable without ‘sizing’

Things I didn’t like, or would do differently:-

  • Pocket isn’t lined
  • The pockets are too deep
  • The facings would have worked better if they were sewn in as part of the seam, rather than as an addition

I did, this time, line the pocket.  I can see how you could embellish this apron to suit any use, or change the pockets etc.  I will make it again, that’s for sure, but I will make the following changes next time I do it.

  • Line the pockets (like I did this time)
  • Make the pockets as 2 seperate pockets slightly out from the centre instead of a single one in the centre100_5970
  • Sew the facings into the seam
  • Widen the sides to come further around the body, and possibly shape out and round it at the bottom, rather than square
  • Sew the facings into the seam

All in all, not a bad pattern.  Although it is a basic shape, the instructions are not written for beginners, or specifically for garment makers.  Quilters will not have any problems with the instructions.  I do think, however, for such a basic pattern, it’s a bit over priced, especially with the current exchange rate.

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