Waves and Bows

Waves and Bows

I went to mum’s today to give her a 1920’s make over.  She is attending a ball tonight with a 1920’s theme, so wanted a proper ‘waves’ do.  I think I did very well.  My mum has very fine hair, so I had to build it up a bit with product.




(8:45pm got a phonecall from Mum, she’s the only person at the ball with a ‘proper’ hairdo, everyone else seems to have gone for the bandeau and feathers ‘flapper’ cheat ;))

On the way home … I saw THIS..




2 thoughts on “Waves and Bows

  1. can you please come and give me a 1920’s make over ??????

    Love your mum’s do – very cute 🙂

    was there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow???

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