Spicy, creamy… delicious!

Spicy, creamy… delicious!

I’ve been putting my T2 Nina through it’s paces, and have found a GREAT way to brew a milk steeped chai in it.

I dislike watery chai’s.  For me, it is like eating milk chocolate… ok, but not the way that it was intended to be had (for the record, I’m an intense dark chocolate fan.  The darker, the better).  So, here’s a great Milk Chai!

  • Grab your T2 Nina, and a GOOD chai blend.  There are plenty to be had.  T2 do a great Choc-chip Chai, The Tea Centre has a gorgeous Masala Chai, or you could get creative, get a good Assam tea and head to Herbies and blend your own!
  • Place enough chai in the base of your nina for 1.5-2 cups (depends on the strength you like it, add honey if you like.
  • With your boiled water, just put enough water in to cover the leaves.
  • Now, heat your milk or soy in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes.  Doing this after you’ve put your hot water in gives the leaves some time to open.
  • Pour your hot milk/soy into your Nina and put the lid down and leave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then serve and enjoy!

Mmmm.. creamy chai!!!

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