Gushing can be addictive!

Gushing can be addictive!

Ok, so I happened upon another product that I just big, fat squishy heart!

t2ninaMy son broke my beloved china infuser tea cup *sad*… it was a total accident.. but I nonetheless mourned the loss of my favourite everyday teacup.  I was going to replace it with another one, when I saw the most intriguing gadget at T2 Tea in Macquarie Centre.  It’s called a “Nina”.

It’s a plastic gadget that is like a drip filter for tea.  You steep your tea, then place it on top of your chosen mug/cup and it filters down.  The huge advantage that I’ve found with this piece of brilliance, is that you get NO bits in your tea!  NONE!  I’ve made normal tea, and a milk steeped chai, and it’s all come up beautifully!  It’s dead easy to clean too!  Just take the base off, pop the ball/filter out, and give her a wash!

Nina makes about 1 big mug or 2 smaller cups of tea, and is utterly perfect for milk steeped chai 😀  I got mine for $14.95 and it’s utterly fabulous!!!

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