Hair, Face and a Cappucino…

Hair, Face and a Cappucino…

I’ve been put onto a book and website by one of my girl friends.  Finally, I find out why my hair is frizzy rather than curly!  It turns out that most shampoos (referred to as ‘poo) are not much better for your hair than dishwashing liquid.  Why?  Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.  The same ingredient that is also used in products like engine degreasers and car wash soaps.  Beleive it or not, this stuff is also in some facial cleansers.  Since finding this out, I am horrified that I have been torturing my body with this stuff!  BUT, we need to use this stuff to strip out the silicones (referred to as cones) that we layer into our hair through our conditioners and styling products.

So as of today, I am sulphate and ‘cone free when it comes to hair and face products.  I will be phasing it out of my body products too.  I am now a “Curly Girl“.

I also have new makeup.  Pure mineral makeup from BellaPierre.  New to Australia but utterly brilliant.  Better than Sheer Cover, not to mention cheaper!  It’s only currently available at Macquarie Centre in Sydney (that I know of), and their Australian website isn’t ready yet, but if you can get there, check them out!  I put my ‘face’ on at 11am this morning, and 9 hours later, my makeup (sans lipstick, because when you eat, it comes off… duh) looks fresh and not flakey or cakey.  My skin doesn’t feel dry or abused either!

But, there is a sour end to my post.  I will no longer patron the Coffee Club cafe in Burwood.  The barista (and suspected owner) is a smarmy smart arse who is apparantly a sub-standard barista.  A babycino made of foam only was too hard for him to do!  I wouldn’t have minded so much if he said “I’m really sorry, but that’s the lowest ratio of milk to foam I can manage” rather than having sent it back three times and then only after the third time being told (with an air of arrogance and condescention) “That’s the best I can do”.  So.. sod him!  I’ve written a letter of complaint to the head office (as it’s a franchise based company), and blogged here.  I won’t put up with rude service.

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