Front to back? Back to back? Up and down? Round and round!

Front to back? Back to back? Up and down? Round and round!

If you love fibre arts, and you ever get a chance to see a Back to Back challenge? I advise STRONGLY that you do!

We went to one of the NSW Challenges at the Turpentine Tree in Kurrajong Heights, and had a thoroughly marvelous morning! Live sheep (to be shorn), lots of spinners, weavers, knitters and smooshy things to buy!

I was a VERY good girl, however, and didn’t spend a fortune on fibre. I could have, though. There were raw fleeces and LOTS of carded fibre! I bought 220g of cinnamon coloured Cria alpaca fleece, and 185g of BLACK alpaca fleece.. VERY smooshy! I also scored a mini niddy-noddy for when i spin silks, or small amounts of fibre. I also bought tickets in 2 raffles, one for a small basket of fibre, and one for a handcrafted rosewood spinning wheel. And that’s it. I didn’t buy the $25 black merinoxcorrie fleece, nor the $14 worth of morritx carded fibre (which I’m kinda kicking myself for), nor the $57 1.75kg of carded merinoxcorrie fibre that was the most intriguing grey/brown mottled colour.

So.. I’m quietly proud of myself 😀

Mum bought a beautiful alpaca beanie, and some merino/glitz fibre for me to blend and spin for her to knit a scarf/wrap for herself 😀  I met up with a friend of Ravelry, Rell.  She is LOVELY.. and well, I’m allowed to blame the purchase of the black alpaca on her 😉  hehehehhe

Bub got to pat sheepies, and watch lots of women spin, knit & weave… but he preferred to pat the sheepies.

I can’t wait until the Bendigo show now. But I will be enjoying that one sans husband/son, they’re having a blokey weekend 😀

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