I don’t usually gush like this….

I don’t usually gush like this….

But when you find a product that has made more headway with your son’s excema in one week, than prescribed lotions and ointments have had in 6 months, you tend to want to scream it from the rooftops! Burt’s Bees is what I’m talking about. MIL had bought herself a little ‘body trial’ pack, which gives you a taste of a few different items, including lip balm, cuticle cream, foot cream, body lotion and hand creams for $25. Great value, really if you’re not sure what you want to try first. After she said how nice the lip balm was and letting me smell and feel a few of the others, I decided to try a couple of items for myself. I picked up a Replenishing Lip Balm and looked furiously for the Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream, but they’d run out of stock. I looked down and they had .. BABY products! Now usually I don’t bother looking, because Roh’s skin can’t take perfumes and what not, but I checked out the ingredients and hand a smelly touchy of the tester of the Baby Bee All Better Balm, which is supposed to be good for scrapes and bruises. Given that it has Calendula in it, I would think it would be terrific. So I picked up a stick and thought we’d give it a go….

Well it’s FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!!! It has softened his dry skin, taken the redness out and… STOPPED THE ITCHING!!! It’s a bloody miracle stick! Of course, my lip balm is lovely and all.. but… neither DH nor I can beleive just how effective this little stick of magic is!

In another DJ’s we found my hand cream (which, by the way is another tub of magic. In one day my hands have gone from papery to silk!) and the Diaper Ointment. Which, took the red out of his bum and left it silky soft in one application.

Burt.. whoever you are… We here are now HUGE fans!!! Love you! Love your stuff!!

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