My First Fibre Blend!

My First Fibre Blend!

Now, I’ve aired up some Superwash, muted some colours, but now, I’ve done a proper fibre blend!

I was gifted some lovely pink variegated sock sliver from Ewe Give Me The Knits, and I also have some Firestar from there, along with some soy silk I had been gifted a little while ago. As it’s getting colder, I desperately want some smooshy house/bed socks to keep the toesies warm! So I whipped out my hand carders, layered the three and carded away! SO MUCH FUN!! It’s really cool to see the layers blend with each stroke.

So it turned into this.. boobiebatts

Soft, smooshy and sparkly!!

I’ll spin them up nice and thick for ultra smooshy socks!

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