I’m Spinning Around….

I’m Spinning Around….

Thought I’d show off some of my spinning.

corriplain.jpgcorricolour.jpgThis is my first spin – Corriedale Lambswool. I dyed part of it to see how the raw fleece would take the food colouring dye. I found I will have to de-lanolise it a bit before dyeing next time. Spun as a worsted.

moroccanngihts.jpgThis is my second spin – Merino Roving from Ewe Give Me The Knits in Moroccan Nights and Midnight Black. It’s ended up around a DK knitting weight, and I have about 290m. Spun as a semi-woolen.

kingfishersinstorm.jpgkingfisherdone.jpgThis is Spin number three – Merino Roving from Ewe Give Me The Knits in Stormy Night and Kingfisher. It seems to be about a Fingering/Sport weight, and I have about 585m. Spun as a semi-woolen.

And this is my wheel. This lovely thing is what is helping create these beautiful yarns! She doesn’t have a name yet.. but she’ll tell me soon 😀

wheel.jpgCurrently, she has some lovely Merino Soy roving being spun on her, in lovely springtime colours, which I will ply with a Rayon plying thread. I’m really looking forward to the end product. I’m spinning so I’ll get around a DK weight yarn which is being spun as a worsted.

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