Best Buys & Finds of 2010

Best Buys & Finds of 2010

The year is coming to a close and a lot of my friends have been blogging their knitting/craft retrospectives for 2010.  Given that my personal knitting came in at under 6 projects for the entire year, I figured that wasn’t much of a blog post.  So instead, I thought his year I would pit together a little list of my fave products and places of 2010.

Adore Tea SignAdore Tea
Whilst on a trip to Canberra in May, we happened upon a tea house that had only been open for a couple of months.  It has an outdoor and indoor dine in section, a lovely store full of various teas and tea related hardware.  If you’re in the ACT, it’s definitely worth going to.  I can recommend the Cafe Latte flavoured black tea.  They also do tea infused cocktails.  I haven’t had one yet, but next time I’m south, I’ll be planning on rectifying that.

warming_anti_blackhead_cleanser_lBiore Skin Care
No, this is not a new brand, but I have only recently started using it.  It’s a “supermarket” brand, which I’ve been a little reticent to really invest in.  But money was a little tight and my skin was suffering.  So I dove in and have been really impressed with how clear my skin is becoming.  I have two cleansers, one is a warming one that has little exfoliation beads, and the other is a very refreshing “ice” foaming gel one that is great for that real pick me up feeling.  I also have the Triple Action Toner which is phenomenal!  I have sensitive skin, and have not found these products to be irritating.

lash_blast_fusionCoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
I have been on constant scout for ‘the perfect’ mascara.  I have tried countless brands and different products within those brands.  I was looking for a mascara that even slightly emulated the false lash look that you see in all the mascara ads.  And after a LOT of disappointments, I finally found one that I’m just thrilled with! It doesn’t replace wearing false lashes, but it certainly makes my natural lashes appear thicker and longer without clumping.  All they need to do now, is make it waterproof.k18pps-ir_cart_preview

Klean Kanteen Bottles
Keeping hydrated is important.
Looking good while keeping hydrated is excellent.
Saving the planet while looking good and keeping hydrated is AWESOME!  Made from food grade stainless steel, they come in lots of colours and sizes.  We have a few always filled in the fridge ready to have cool, refreshing water on hand.

spectra sabersKnit Pro Spectra Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips
These clear wands of wonder have made knitting lace THAT much easier.  Enough grip to prevent you losing stitches unnecessarily, yet not so sticky that they’re uncomfortable to knit with.  Plus, they’re see through and look awesome.  I have two sets so far, and can see that increasing so I’ve covered my most used lace sizes (possibly more than once over).

Lanolips Hand BalmLanolips 101 Ointment & Rose Hand & Nail Balm
This Australian product has simply blown me away.  The Boy suffers with severe eczmea, and the 101 ointment has given immediate relief to dry, cracked skin.  It has also spruced up my cuticles, lushed up my lips and softened my elbows.  The Rose Balm is just lovely to use on my hands several times a day.  The smell is not overpowering, and delightfully girly.

Nespresso CitizNespresso Coffee & Machine
After a very fortunate win of some giftcards from Harvey Norman, we decided to invest in a Nespresso machine.  We’d tasted the coffee previously and knew that it was a range of coffees that we enjoyed.  We have had other types of coffee machines, but we have found the Nespresso to be SO much easier, and much less messy.

Revlon Just Bitten in GothicRevlon Just Bitten Lip Colour
After reading a review on SuperKawaiiMama’s blog, I practically ran out and bought one for myself.  The colour is intense, the felt tip gives a sharp line, the colour lasts and doesn’t irritate my lips.  It is also a brilliant base for under my lipstick.  I bought the Gothic as a very vamp red, and can see myself buying another more ‘daytime’ red and possibly a pink for those ‘innocent’ days (HAHAHAHAHA).

Rock’n’Roll & Alternative Markets
Once a month in Tempe is a fantastic Markets & Music gig.  Stalls with vintage clothing, jewellery, accessories and homewares alongside corsets and silver skull knuckle dusters.  Pin up photography and jumping castles, Rockabilly music and alternative art.  I have picked up a few great accessories from the markets, and I’m sure throughout 2011, I’ll find more.  Info for these markets can be found on Facebook.

So that’s it, my 2010 Favourites.  What have you found this year that has made your list?

3 thoughts on “Best Buys & Finds of 2010

  1. adore tea is my haven. It’s five minutes from my house – can we have a tea date some time when you’re in town? The cocktails are gorgeous the tea infused G&T was fabulous last time i was there.

    I haven’t tried Biore but am currently shopping around. thanks for the tip.

    1. Absolutely! I really think Adore Tea got the whole “Tea House” style ‘cafe’ right. I would LOVE to have a tea date next time I’m in town. I think we’re heading down for OBDM Wool day again next year.

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