… And I Shall Call Him George

… And I Shall Call Him George

Next month at Guild we have Liz Gemmell coming to give us a talk and a mini-workshop  on adapting patterns to suit your own yarn, your size, your design preferences, changing neck and sleeve details, and so on.

We had homework to bring a rather large swatch in that had been measured, then washed and ‘worn’ (or simulated wear) to see how wearing and laundering will affect your yarn, and therefore the fit of the garment.

So I thought I should get a wriggle on getting the swatch knit sooner than later, so that I wouldn’t be trying to do it the night before.

[nggallery id=25]

He’s a monster of a swatch, so he is George… Because I shall knit him and measure him and wash him wear him and I shall call him George.. 😀

3 thoughts on “… And I Shall Call Him George

  1. Aw homework – drats! I didn’t know there was homework..

    I think I’ll swatch my habu linen. I want to do a dress/tunic kind of thing for summer and I can’t find a pattern with similar gauge – although I can find patterns with the shape I’m after – so really looking forward to this workshop – apart from the homework..

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