Well, today was the day!

After a wonderful Guild meeting, with an awesome presentation on blocking by Donna, we all marched up to the Abraham Mott Hall.

Thankfully on the way up Argyle Street, there was a food market.  So we stopped briefly and picked up some lovely food (I had a seafood okonomiyaki) before contiuing to the hall.

As a knitter, I have to say that other knitters make the best friends!

The afternoon was full of tea, yarn, lovely homemade snacks and lots of chit chat.

I will go into a more detailed post of today, because right now I’m very tired and want nothing more to than to snuggle on the couch with my husband and son.

One thought on “WWKIP

  1. It’s true – there is nothing so revitalising than a day with the knitters!

    I was super impressed with your tea cup and pot (with cosy) and THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me the drop spindle. I have impressed my family with my 11th century life skills!


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