Why I Love Being in a Guild

Why I Love Being in a Guild

I had a Knitters Guild meeting today, just like the 2nd Saturday in every other month. There was really no difference to todays meeting, but I took a moment of reflection during our ‘show and tell’ time just to really stop and appreciate what being in a guild means to me.

Once a month, I get to sit in a room with a bunch of other knitters, talk about knitting, show off what we’re making (or have made) and most importantly, be inspired! Not a month has gone by where I haven’t felt overwhelmed by peoples’ creativity and skill.

There is no other place I can go to feel inspired like I am at guild meetings. Today I saw examples of exquisite lace, cozy cowls and colourful scarves. We had a hands on mini-workshop of Judy’s Magic Cast on (which is great for toe up socks, or used instead of a provisional cast on), and lots of fondling of other peoples projects and yarns.

I love being part of this group of knitters. Inner City Knitters Guild ROCKS!

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