Product Review – Cover Girl

Product Review – Cover Girl

Last week I bought myself some new makeup for my ‘every day’ makeup.

Priceline was having a 3 for 2 sale, so I picked me up some lovely Covergirl products.

cleanfoundationFirst was some base. I didn’t want uber heavy daytime makeup, and thought that the name of the foundation was exactly what I wanted it to be. “Clean”. Something fresh, light but with good coverage. I got the Creamy Natural, which is the 2nd to lightest shade. RRP is $15.50

First impression: I LOVE the fragrance this has. Very herbal, almost aromatherapeutic! Easy glide on with a damp sponge, I think it would be good with a good foundation brush too. Can be layered for more coverage too. The rest of my makeup goes on very easily over the top of it too. It does require a bit of a finish though, so a good translucent powder would be a good idea.. So far the staying power is excellent. I’ve worn it to a dance class and not felt like it needed touching up at all afterwards. I do think, however, that getting the pressed powder for any emergency touch up needs might be a good idea for those days that are uber hot, or you feel smudging may happen.

outlastNext some lovely lip colour. I didn’t want another gloss, as I’m not really a fan of heavily pigmented glosses, and I didn’t want a lipstick that would need refreshing every couple of hours. So I got the Outlast lip stain in Bit of Blossom. This is a lovely ‘just been kissed’ pink/berry colour. RRP is $17.95.

First impression: The first application I did I tried to put WAY too much on. It’s not meant to be an opaque cover, so when I figured that out, I liked it much better. The texta like application is great as it gives you control over lip contour, but unless your lips are in great condition, it can look streaky. I do still put a gloss over the top of this, just because my lips are a little dry naturally, and I like to wear a balm or gloss all of the time. I do love the colour, and only wish that their red was not so orangey.

berriesAnd finally some new, non-shimmery eye shadow. My ‘base pink’ from Napoleon is just too darn shimmery for me to wear everyday and be comfortable. I also can’t wear brown shadows as they tend to go orange on me if I get too warm. So lovely neutral pink based colours were in order. I got the 4 Kit Eyeshadow in Berries & Cream. RRP is $13.95.

First impression: This is not my first covergirl eyeshadow experience. They are good wearing eyeshadows with lovely colours. I have found these shades are ideal for me, for both day and night wear. I’m also pretty sure that this colourway is a standard, so I don’t have to worry too much about not being able to get it in the future (disappointment at limited edition colours is something I don’t enjoy at all!).

All in all I’m VERY happy with my latest makeup purchase! I’ve even worn makeup almost every day since I bought them too!

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