Pas Une Manucure Française

Pas Une Manucure Française

[singlepic id=8 w=240 mode=watermark float=left]I painted my nails blue this morning.  Chi Chi “Toy Boy” in fact.  It’s very much a Blue Curacao blue.  I was marvelling at the colour and slight sparkle, when it hit me.  As pretty as the polish was, plain nails seemed boring.  Seems that I’ve been looking at too much nail art.

I have dance class tonight, so no time for lots of painting, so I pulled out the decals and thought I’d go for a tipped look.  Not quite a proper French Manicure.. but it’s certainly in the spirit..

[singlepic id=9 h=180 mode=watermark float=right]I’m quite shocked that my nails have lasted this long, really.  They usually break or split well before this length.  But thanks to my OPI Nail Envy, they’re doing really well.  I’m certainly not being precious with them at all, and I think that they’re really loving the attention.

One thing is for sure, though.  I certainly need more colours than what I have.  More pinks, and a ligher blue-red as a start!

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