Knitting for the Opera

Knitting for the Opera

No, I’m not making costumes for anyone.  But the yearly trek to the Opera in The Domain is coming up and I really don’t want to sit there with a shawl laying over me while I knit.  So small and portable is the way to go!  So I frogged an unsuccessful attempt at a toe up sock that I was trying to design, and decided to use someone elses pattern.  It had to be easy enough that I wouldn’t need to concentrate TOO hard, but not so dull that I would be utterly bored knitting it.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde won out.  Newly released pattern that has a 4 stitch, 8 row repeat.  NICE!  I chose one of my own dyed sock yarns in the Amethyst colour (I have a bit of a purple thing at the moment) and have cast on the first sock.  The plan is to knit the cuff and the first pattern repeat and then cast on the 2nd sock and get it to the same point, so from then on I’m knitting both at once.

I’m hoping that at the very least I’ll have both legs completed and MAYBE the heel turned by the time it gets too dark to knit.

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