A bag… with milk?

A bag… with milk?

Well, it’s the Moonshine Designs Cafe Latte bag.  I originally got the pattern from the Handmade magazine, which came with a DVD of Monica Poole herself.  Monica has since released the Cafe Latte as a pattern, and I think it’s a great bag to make for a gift!

It calls for a product called “Fast 2 Fuse” which is a double sided fusable stiffening/interfacing product.  Now, at the best of times it’s not easy to get, and when you can, you’re looking at an outlay of around $30 per yard (90ish centimetres).  Floriani, however, make “Stitch N Shape” which is a similar product, albeit only 15″ wide (vs F2F’s 28″), you’re looking at spending less than half for one length of the bag… AND it’s the perfect width for the Cafe Latte!

Unfortunately, the pattern calls to make the handles from the F2F as well.  But there is another alternative!  Having used the Floriani product myself, I didn’t want to cut into a 2nd length for handles, when I could make another bag from it.  So what did I do?  I used The Vilene Pellon H640, of course!  It’s a medium weight single sided iron on synthetic ‘fleece’.

I doubled the width required, and with my straps pressed with 1/4 marks, I placed it dotty side facing up, and then folded the ends in, and brought the raw edges together in the centre of the pellon and ironed so it fused.  I then olded it in half lengthwise to hide the raw edges, then stitched 1/4″ from each edge and then down the centre.  This gave my handles enough strength to ‘match’ the bag, but is still soft and paddy (which I prefer in my handles).

I also added an extra pocket on the inside, and bag feet (available from Tall Poppy Craft).  Inside is also a Pellon’ed case for my bag base (when it arrives).

Basically, means I can buy a cheaper product (which is still fabulous) and get my bag!  I usually have a stash of H640 (I enjoy making bags) so that’s no issue there either.  The Vilene Pellon is available through most fabric places, including Spotlight and quilting specialty stores.

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