New Swap.. YAY!!!

New Swap.. YAY!!!

WOO!! The Ravelry Aussie Knitters third swap has been announced! “We’ve Got You Covered” is the theme, where you nominate one ‘body cover’ (eg: socks, hat, mitts, scarf etc) and one ‘thing cover’ (eg: teapot, MP3 player, hot water bottle etc), and your designated swap partner will knit/crochet you one of those covers.

TOTALLY cool concept!!

Here are the answers to the Questionnaire on Ravelry.

1. Fingerless mitts or wheat pack cover.

2. Sydney, City NSW.

3. No allergies, as such, but I don’t much like acrylics/novelty yarns. Best colours if for mitts would be muted roses/sages/cornflower blues, if for wheat pack cover, any of my faves are good (stalk me!! :D). Bulky yarns also don’t fare well on my hands.

4. Hand measurements are 7″ around knuckles, 4″ from wrist to top of knuckles, 6.5″ around wrist, 10.5″ around the largest part of my forearm. I will have to find my heatpack to measure it 😀

5. Would prefer AUS postage only.

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