Knitting Journal-ism

Knitting Journal-ism

** I have updated the file **

Well, I’m no journalist. But I have been needing a journal to put my knitting stuff IN.

There’s been a bit of a discussion about this on Ravelry. Bex pointed us all to a great site, Kathryn Ivy, and her journal print outs are FABULOUS! All sized at around the A4 size. The only downfall is that it is too populated to be sized down to an A5 size.

I like A5, or even small enough to put in a 6×6 scrapbook album. So, inspired by Kathryn Ivy‘s wonderful work, I put together an A5 version for those of us who like our journals a little more portable.

A5 Knit Journal– it’s a PDF file (566kB). Designed to be printed double sided, flipped on the short side.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Journal-ism

  1. Thankyou! It’s a great format, template and it looks amazing. Printing some off as we speak so I can finally get my projects organised…
    Now, to head to dymocks to find a notebook đŸ™‚

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