Clearing my “Crafthead”

Clearing my “Crafthead”

I have a crafting attention span problem. Or more to the point, I have flashes of crafting “genius” in the middle (or start, or near the end) of a project of a completely different craft.

I have the following “on the go” at the moment.

  • Wedding garter – Knitted – TBF by Thursday this week.. prognosis? – V.good for ontime
  • Sock formula – Knitted – TBF by no specified date, but I want it tested asap by other people
  • Puzzle Quilted ‘beanbag’ – Sewn – TBF ASAP in the hopes it will help dissuade my son from climbing on the sofas

So only three.. no problem.. right?? Well, here are the ‘genius’ flashes I have on paper that I am itching to start…

  • Beaded stitch markers – Ongoing, of course.. but I’d like to reduce my bead stash so I can get some more to make jewellery for myself
  • Sewing machine cover – Sewn – My new Toyota non-computerised machine needs a cover, and a place to store the feet/accessories
  • Sewing boxes – Craftwood/Sewn/Folk Painting/Decoupage – Because I like pretty, but need seperate storage for each of my machines for brand specific accessories.
  • Polymer clay beads – for jewellery & stitchmarkers
  • Notetaker – Sewn – for myself,… I want one ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Noro/Ranco/Patonyle socks … ๐Ÿ˜€ for me
  • Fishnet/cuban heel knitted sock pattern (this will depend on my above formula working)

So I sit here in anxiety to get my new stuff going, but also keen to get what I’ve GOT going, finished.

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