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A Talk about Tea

A Talk about Tea

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good cup of tea.  I usually buy loose leaf blends from places like Adore Tea or T2.  They both have lovely ranges, from plain Assams to pretty floral blends like French Earl Grey.

For me, these teas are a little ritualistic.  Made in the good pot, sat down with and enjoyed.  When I have time to take the time to make it.

Sometimes though, I just need a cup of tea, and I need it now!  For these moments, I usually turn to Twinings of London tea.  They have a great range, and usually something to meet all of my tea moods.

Simply Tea – This is a great every day tea, but not terribly strong.  But it’s good to have on hand for visitors if you don’t know exactly how they like their tea.

Traditional Afternoon – Nice and full bodied!  Very smooth and is a great tonic for those days where you need a little bit ‘extra’ from your tea.

teacopteachaiCeylon Orange Pekoe – I only use this to make iced tea with and it’s PERFECT for the job!  I’m not a big fan of it for a regular cup of tea, though.  Not strong enough.

Chai – One of the best chai-in-a-bag teas.  When I don’t have time to do the traditional steep in hot milk thing, this is my go to.  Spicy enough to give me the kick I look for in a chai, but still quite gentle.  I’d like more black pepper, but until I make my own blend, this one does just fine.


teaausblendteabcurrBlackcurrant Scented – I love this tea.  It’s not terribly strong, but some mornings, it’s just that little twist that perks me up.  I always have a small box of this in the cupboard.

Recently, Twinings released a limited edition tea.  Australian Afternoon Tea.  I initially wasn’t going to bother with it, as it was limited edition, and I already had my tea bases covered.  But I picked up a small box and thought I’d give it a go anyway.  I’m SO glad I did!  This tea is nice and full bodied and it really tastes like someone has made you TEA.  (Yes, big capital letters TEA)  This tea reminds me of the tea my Nanna used to make for me when we stayed over at her house.

So that’s me and my tea.  I hope I’ve inspired you to try a new flavour, or revisit an old one.

Now I think about it.. I think it’s time I introduced you to Professor Elemental, and his love of the Cup of Brown Joy.


**NB: These are my own opinions.  I am in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by Twinings of London.  I just really like these teas.

From Book to Screen – Murder Mysteries a la Phryne

From Book to Screen – Murder Mysteries a la Phryne

Some years ago, a friend of mine strongly insisted that I read an Australian crime series by Kerry Greenwood.  The Phryne Fisher (pronounced fry-nee) mysteries opened a world of 1920’s Australia (mostly Melbourne), flappers, guns, eccentrics and amazing fashion.

I found out just less than a month ago, that this wonderful series would be coming to the ABC.  I was both thrilled and petrified.  Goodness knows that it doesn’t take much to ruin a good book when it comes to putting it on the screen.  I’ve been so enamoured with the delicious Phryne and her wild adventures, I didn’t want the world that I’d envisioned to be shattered.

So armed with my high expectations, I sat down and watched the first episode, Cocaine Blues.  The start of the episode differs somewhat to the book, but when you have to condense a whole book into a 1 hour episode there would be some things that have to be sacrificed.

For me, thankfully, that’s where the disappointment ended.  Essie Davis makes a wonderful Phryne, and the rest of the cast has been well chosen (so far, there are more to come).

The costumes are simply divine!  It’s far too easy to make 1920’s fashion in TV shows look cheesy and a bit homogenised, but I was so happy to see that Phryne’s outfits were as lavish and opulent as I’d pictured them from the books.  The racy scenes have been downplayed, which isn’t surprising, but all the action is still there.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.  Given that “Cocaine Blues” was my least favourite book from the set, I can think that it will only get better with future episodes and adventures.

Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is airing on the ABC, Fridays at 8:30pm.

80’s Flashback! Knitted Legwarmers

80’s Flashback! Knitted Legwarmers


Wagons are meant to be fallen off, right?  Good.  While I haven’t started any of my big 3 for 2012, I have joined in a small KAL on Ravelry in the Tiny Owl Knits group.  The free pattern “Some Cloudy Day” is a pair of legwarmers, knit in smaller gauge and meant to be a little more fitted.

I really enjoyed making these, they were really good to do while I was dropping my son off to, and picking up from school. I modified these a little, I made them shorter, used a 1×1 rib and ended with a hemmed picot bind off.


I just wanted something to stick into the tops of my boots or over my ankles if I was wearing other shoes.  As I’m not really a “sock knitter” I thought this was a great way to use some fun yarn and patterns without worrying too much about fit.


So whilst on a roll, I decided to quickly cast on another pair.  Using another sock yarn, I cast on with a few extra stitches and continued with the 2×2 ribbing.  At the top, I decided to add some eyelets to my ribbing so that I can put a ribbon through the top.  Cute, right?

The comments I’ve received while knitting these, however has been most amusing.  I usually get asked what I’m knitting, and when the response is “legwarmers”, I get a range of reactions.  Everything from a raised eyebrow accompanied by a slightly derisive “Oh.”, to being asked if I have a daughter.  Apparently one must be a girl of a pre-teen age to wear legwarmers.  Nevertheless, my ankles will not be freezing this winter. BWAHAHAHA…

Will I make more?  Probably, but I’ll try different stitch patterns though.